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The editors provide an introductory chapter where they describe the purpose, outline, and thematic composition of the book. Brief abstracts are provided for each contribution. Most importantly, the editors likewise provide a concluding chapter where they sum up and bring together some of the main points of the individual contributions, thereby establishing a coherent structure in accordance with the aims of the book.

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The motivation behind the book stems from a lack of an overall integrative framework for 'cognitive information retrieval research' page The aim of the book is therefore to provide an overview of new directions in such research, which, according to the editors, should lead to at least a more integrated approach, i. The topics treated in the book are divided into three overall themes related to cognitive information retrieval: concepts, processes, and techniques.

The section on concepts provides a definitional framework for the study of cognitive information retrieval, and includes papers by Cole, Beheshti, Leide and Large: Interactive information retrieval: bringing the user to a selection state , which highlight the need for user-system interaction to stimulate the user into a selection state. Spink and Cole examine user multitasking when seeking and searching an IR system. Beheshti et al.

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As stated earlier, the concluding chapter provides an overview of the individual findings, and, based on the individual contributions, presents a grouping of potential 'new directions' for further CIR research. The 'new directions' include:. Three main concepts are central to recent cognitive information retrieval research, interaction, context and task; see for an example the forthcoming IIiX Symposium.

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  • Obviously, common to contributions in New directions in cognitive information retrieval is the focus on 'IR interaction facilitating users finding and using information in the performance of the task for which the information is being sought' page Central to this focus is the contextualization of the information retrieval setting, the domain, the user s , the information objects, and the system s.

    The challenge for cognitive information retrieval research is still to develop and further modify user-system models of interaction. This book provides insight into new research directions of this sort.