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Laws were in place that placed strict limitations on the colors and fabrics they were allowed to wear. Taking a look at women's fashion history is an intriguing way to study how clothing has changed throughout the centuries.

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Just like today, ladies' fashion trends had a big influence on what was considered stylish or acceptable. If you thought eighties fashion for women - the s, that is - was opulent and full of accessories and sparkly jewels, this decade had nothing on the time period that defined Elizabethan fashion for women. Some of the hallmarks of how women dressed are divided according to class.

Royal and noblewomen had greater access to fine materials, as well as being allowed to wear richly decorated clothes. However, they were still confined to certain styles. Anyone who didn't adhere to clothing rules was subject to punishment.

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What was it worth? What were the wages like? The money and currency of this period was all in coins - there was no paper money. During the Renaissance period coins were minted in either gold or silver. The English pound originated from a measure of weight which was used to represent a sum of money. Astrology and Astronomy Shakespeare and his contemporaries were very concerned with the stars. They believed that by knowing the way the stars were lined up at the time of birth, it was possible to tell the future.

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The mechanism they devised in order to do this was called horoscope, and in Shakespeare's time a horoscope was considered a scientific tool. Some people still believe a horoscope can tell what lies ahead for you, but few people now consider it a scientific tool. However, when the Pope refused to permit Henry to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn who was to become Elizabeth's mother , Henry declared hims elf supreme head of the Church of England, thereby establishing the Protestant Anglican religion. Find out how Catholics were treated during this time period and why religion was so important!

Also learn about witches and witch hunts! Did you know witches and a belief in witchcraft are generally supposed to have been accepted as facts of life by most people during this time period.

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However, many people were executed as witches. Sports and Entertainment Falconry - Falconry, like hunting, was a sport developed from a necessity--the need to provide meat for the table, especially in winter and spring, when it was not wise to slaughter stock from the farm. Archery - Outside of being a tournament sport, archery involved a skill that was used in battle.

Since the common people were the most numerous in battle, the commoners participated in the sport as well. The shaft of the arrow was generally made out of wood, since metal would be too heavy. The head of the arrow was made out of iron. Archers have always held a very important place in military life. During Henry V's reign in the middle ages, 6, English soldiers shot down 85, French soldiers at Agincourt, a famous battle depicted in William Shakespeare's Henry V.

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Festivals - People relished various festivals in those days as well. In January, twelfth religious night festival was celebrated which marked the visit of wise men, following the birth of Jesus. February marked St. Valentine's Day. This festival was a sign of love. Good Friday and Easter Monday were celebrated in the month of March. All fool's day was observed in April.

This festival was filled with jokes and jests. May Day was the festival which came in the month of May in which a queen for May was chosen and villagers used to dance around the maypole. Festival of fire was celebrated in June.

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There was a tradition of burning bones in this festival and this led to the term 'bonfire'. These three are just some of the many sports and entertainment that people during the Elizabethan period participated in. Food and Drink Food and drink were a major part of life in Elizabethan times. People had three main meals per day. Breakfast was the first and most important meal of their day. The people of this time ate a variety of different foods and had many creative ways of preparing them.

The people also had distinct table manners. In earlier times, water was the main beverage. However, as farmers became more important, other drinks came along also. Milk was known for building healthy bones and giving a refreshing taste after a dessert. Farmers got milk from cows and she-goats.

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Other sources of liquid were a part of stews and potages. Other beverages were created from a wine base. Mary finally took the throne in , reigning as the first queen regent of England and Ireland. Her persecution of Protestants earned her the moniker "Bloody Mary. James Palace in London on November 17, He is credited with the responsibility for several murders, including those of his nephews Edward and Richard, and of Henry VI.

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He died in England in He married six times, beheaded two of his wives and was the main instigator of the English Reformation. His only surviving son, Edward VI, succeeded him after his death on January 28, Crime and Punishment It is important to note that the judicial system that was in place during Shakespeare's lifetime was significantly different from the one we know today. For the most part, laws had not changed since the medieval era, and although prisons did exist, their use was mostly limited to being spaces were detainees awaited trial.

Imprisonment as such was not considered a punishment during the Elizabethan era, and those who committed a crime were subject to hard and often cruel physical punishment. The com mon belief was that the country was a dangerous place, so stiff punishments were in place with the objective of deterring criminals from wrongdoing and limiting the lawless condition of Elizabethan roads and cities.

We must also understand the fact that Elizabethan society was divided into two classes: the nobility and the commoners. Class divisions were so pervasive that there were different criteria in place when it came to defining crime. Punishment types also varied according to the social class of the culprit, although nobles who committed an infraction were often able to escape punishment by buying their way out of it or by appealing to their ties with the clergy or the monarchy.

Ships, Pirates, and Captains Ships, one of the oldest means of transport, were in use in Elizabethan era. Besides transport, ships were used to attack and plunder the treasure ships of enemy nations. Thus, more importantly, Elizabethan era is also known as the age of exploration, and, it is only because of the famous pirate ships that made this time also known as the golden age of pirates. The Elizabethan Times saw the emergence of the bravest and skillful English seamen who became the Elizabethan Explorers!

The Renaissance age of new ideas and learning encouraged a pioneering spirit of curiosity and adventure. The success of the Spanish and Portuguese explorers in acquiring monopolies on much of the Eastern spice trade and their expeditions to the New World fired the imagination and the ambitions of Elizabethan explorers.

It will be fascinating to learn more about the variety of ships and their captains, such as Sir Francis Drake, while they encountered dangerous pillaging from pirates! Education Did you know that most children and young people who lived during the time of Shakespeare did not go to school? Only the children of the well-to-do were afforded the privileged of an education because common children had to help their parents make a living by working the farm or in the shops. Some were apprentices or tradesman. Girls were not allowed to become doctors, clergymen, or lawyers, so it was thought there was no point in educating girls!

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