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Kant, Immanuel. Grounding for the metaphysics of morals: With on a supposed right to lie because of philanthropic concerns. Hackett Publishing, Kurer, Oskar. Surname 9 Macleod, Christopher.

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Mill, J. Edited by George Sher. Ohreen, David E. Schubert, Christian. Searing, Donald R. Springer Netherlands, Sherman, Nancy. Palgrave Macmillan UK, Staiti, Andrea. After Triqueti introduced her to the royal family, Durant became a favourite at court, and received regular commissions for them.

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The most important of these was a monument to King Leopold of the Belgians , much admired when first installed in in St George's Chapel, Windsor. It was moved to Christ Church, Esher in , several years after Durant's death, probably from pleurisy, following an operation, in Click on the image to enlarge it. Durant's attractions are well documented.

In the course of discussing Durant's bust of Harriet Beecher Stowe , Annie Fields quotes a lovely verbal portrait of the sculptor by the novelist's daughter:. The bust also, done by Miss Durant in the studio of the Baron de Triqueti, has preserved this sweet living expression of [Stowe's] countenance.

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Of this work Mrs Stowe's daughter wrote: "I well remember going with my mother for her sittings at the studio. The dim light, the marble dust and chippings covering the floor, the clink, clink of the chisels, and Miss Durant, tall, handsome, and animated before the mound of clay which day by day grew into a resemblance to my mother, and the Baron de Triqueti coming and going with kindly smiling face and friendly words, and my gentle little mother smiling, happy, and unconscious as a child. It all comes back to me like a dream — those far away, pleasant, happy days The bust, after it was finished, was taken to London, where I saw it, and thought it very beautiful and an excellent likeness of my mother at forty-six, — her age when it was taken.

Wallace Wood. That would have been in about Arthur Munby, the diarist, describes Durant in more detail almost ten years later, in , when she was close to forty but no less alluring.

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Now she is seen as:. And her talk was worthy of all this. Munby, with his penchant for characterful working women of a different order, was a bit dubious about all this: "in a drawingroom creature, such selfasserting strength looks somewhat masculine and out of place" But no wonder most men, especially highly educated men of some standing, fell at her feet. It is terribly sad that she died so young, even though she left a legacy of memorable sculpture, and her son by Triqueti, born in Paris in In George Grote bequeathed a large collection of prints and drawings which it seems was begun by his grand-fathera Dutchman who moved to London from Bremen.

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Mixing old and new on a grand scale; Jonathan Shaw is a photographer who likes to push boundaries. Terry Grimley finds out how. They have, it has to be said, utilitarian implications, and were also an issue in tax principles on which Norman apparently corresponded with George Grote p. George Warde Norman. Taxation and the Promotion of Human Happiness.

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The ice was broken most decisively by the radical, liberal-utilitarian banker and sometime MP, George Grote , in his monumental History of Greece Was Socrates a democrat? Melissa Lane looks at the reputation of Socrates, both at the time of his death and in subsequent debates about democracy. Though Mill is not widely recognized as a scholar of ancient Greek philosophy, Terence Irwin's essay, "Mill and the Classical World," contains an interesting analysis of Mill's understanding of classical thought and his relationship to the Victorian classicist George Grote.

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The Cambridge Companion to Mill. Like one of his most notable predecessors, George Grote , Ober takes into view both the institutions and practices of Athenian democracy and the evaluation of the democracy by Greek political thinkers, most of whom must be counted as severe critics. In the nineteenth century, George Grote , a friend of the Mills and a Philosophical Radical, wrote a volume History of Greece that replaced Mitford's.

Athenian democracy: Modern mythmakers and ancient theorists. Encyclopedia browser?