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The strategy proposed to address this problem is to have two end-stations, in a branched rather than in-line configuration, sharing one monochromator. A mirror could switch the radiation between the two end-stations, so that measurements could be made in one end-station while specimen preparation or vacuum recovery was taking place in the other.

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In addition, allowance will be made for the ability to connect specialist end-stations in the future. Thus, a fully commissioned end-station would be available, at minimal cost in addition to the beamline itself, as soon as beamline 6 becomes operational. This end-station has been designed, and is being constructed, to meet the stringent clean vacuum requirements noted above. In particular, the vacuum system will be as carbon-free as possible, and the end-station will allow the investigation of specimens that must be maintained at a low temperature while they are under vacuum, in order to retain moderately volatile material that might otherwise sublime or desorb.

The ASRP end-station has also been designed to accommodate a cell for the XAS of systems that need to be investigated in their wet environment.

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A conceptual design for this cell has been developed. What is a synchrotron? What is synchrotron light? Beamline Scientist for BL Engineering and User support at BL Beamline Scientist on beamline Staff Scientist at the Advanced Light Source, since Development of techniques in synchrotron chemical crystallography Crystallography of the Actinides Single crystal gas absorption studies, as part of an EFRC Structure of magnetic co-ordination compounds Use of anomalous scatter in materials chemistry Variable temperature studies Phase transitions.

My main specialty is hard X-ray spectroscopy and XRF. Education: Feb.

Past positions: Oct. Magnetism Energy related materials X-ray microscopy.

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Manage the user program at BL5. Developing methods on BL5. Beamline scientist on BL8. I am in charge of the operation of beamline 4. Shandong University, China Physics. Materials : current focus Materials for energy applications, including photovoltaic and energy storage devices. I use synchrotron based resonantly tuned coherent x-ray magnetic scattering to study complex multifunctional materials that are relevant to future technologies and energy efficient devices.

These studies unravel new topological phases and provide insight into spontaneous nanoscale fluctuations of order parameters that often form the basis of functionality.

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These comprehensive studies allow me to atomically probe bulk and interfacial electronic structure and spin texture that provide fundamental insight into the mechanism by which the magnetic interactions takes place. Together with x-ray free electron sources LCLS and upcoming diffraction limited synchrotron sources, coherent x-rays will be an important probe for studying condensed matter system.

I am responsible for the coherent x-ray scattering program at the ALS. I make sure users get to do experiments in a safe environment.

Canadian Access to International Synchrotron Facilities

Chenhui Zhu received his Ph. Hoydoo You. Valeriy V. Yashchuk received his PhD degree from St.

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Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Russia in He has authored and coauthored more than scientific publications in the fields of atomic and molecular physics, nonlinear optics, electro- and magneto-optics, laser spectroscopy, experimental scientific methods and instrumentation, in x-ray optics, and optical metrology. In for the development of a method of reduction of phase space of an atomic beam, he was awarded the Leningrad Komsomol Prize in physics. Physics , University of California, Berkeley M.

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Physics , University of California, Berkeley A. He has also worked on fine spectroscopy techniques using x-ray interferometry. Navigation Home.

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