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John Arbuthnot. With an appendix, wherein both authors are fairly compar'd. Anatomical Tables of the Human Body. The operations in surgery. Dodsley, W. Light at wavelengths in the visible and near-infrared NIR regions nm — 1, nm is used in numerous medical applications. The NIR region between nm and nm, known as the first optical window, allows for deeper depth penetration in tissue than in the visible region due to a reduction in absorption.

There also exists a second NIR optical window with wavelengths from 1, nm to 1, nm. Longer wavelengths above 1, nm were ignored due to major water absorption and lack of 2D photodetectors. In this study, a new therapeutic spectral window with wavelengths between 1, nm and 1, nm is reported. This third optical window can be used for imaging more deeply into tissue due to a reduction in scattering. In this paper, light attenuation from nm to 2, nm, including all three optical windows, was measured. The total attenuation lengths l t of light were obtained. The attenuation length of malignant and normal tissue in the third optical window was larger than in the first and second therapeutic windows.

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Optical images of chicken tissue over three black wires were also obtained using the third optical window. Ultimate ultrafast white light's first observations: early discovery circa presentation video Author s : Robert R. The first discovery and mechanism of super continuum generation with ultrashort pulses in solids glasses and crystals and rare gas media will be presented. How the observation of the white light over cm-1 was unraveled for the first time with excitation of ultrashort pulses 45 years ago. Spectral broadening and the generation of new frequencies were initially observed in pulsed laser systems in the mids as an inherent feature of the uncontrollable nonlinear process such as self-focussing and self-phase modulation occurring primarily in the gain media and were looked upon as deleterious rather than a resource.

With the advent of mode locked lasers to generate picosecond pulses new effects were observed. In this presentation I will describe this remarkable evolution. Supercontinuum generation in optical fibers and its biomedical applications presentation video Author s : Govind P. Agrawal Show Abstract. A microstructured optical fiber was first used in for supercontinuum generation.

Since then, enormous progress has been made in understanding, controlling, and marketing fiber-based supercontinuum sources. In particular, biomedical applications of such sources are revolutionizing the field of medical imaging. In this talk I review the recent progress in this area and describe how a supercontinuum can be employed for biomedical imaging using the techniques known as coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering, stimulated emission-depletion microscopy, and optical coherence tomography.

White light for the fast lane: supercontinuum generation in all-normal dispersion fibers for ultrafast photonics presentation video Author s : Alexander M. Heidt Show Abstract. This talk will give an overview of the unique properties of supercontinuum generation SCG in all-normal dispersion ANDi fibers pumped by ultrashort pulses and the possibilities they offer for ultrafast photonics applications. In contrast to their anomalously pumped counterparts, the SCG process in ANDi fibers conserves a single ultrashort pulse in the time domain, completely suppresses soliton formation and decay, and avoids noise-amplifying nonlinear dynamics.

The resulting spectra combine the best of both worlds — the broad, more than octave-spanning bandwidths usually associated with anomalous dispersion pumping with the high temporal coherence, pulse-to-pulse stability and well-defined temporal pulse characteristics known from the normal dispersion regime. These characteristics are ideally suited for ultrafast photonics, and I will present application examples including the generation of high quality single-cycle pulses and their amplification, as well as ultrafast spectroscopy.

Volume XII

This talk will also explore the exciting new possibilities enabled by extending this approach into the mid-IR spectral region using novel soft glass fiber designs. Supercontinuum generation in microstructure fiber at the advent of femtosecond combs Author s : Steven T. Cundiff Show Abstract. The ability to generate a supercontinuum in microstructure fiber using only the unamplified pulses from a mode-locked oscillator was critical to the development of optical frequency combs. I will briefly introduce the key concepts for stabilizing the comb spectrum of a mode-locked laser and how it relies on continuum generation.

Collapsing light really shines presentation video Author s : Alexander L. Gaeta Show Abstract. The history of super continuum generation with ultrashort pulses in bulk media will be reviewed. In particular, a description on how the self-focusing dynamics leads to shock formation and the generation of extremely broad spectra when an ultrashort pulse travels through a transparent gas, liquid, or solid. Cross-phase modulation in optical Kerr media: review of discovery experiments Author s : Patrice L.

Baldeck Show Abstract.

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First observations of cross-phase modulation effects were reported in mid's. This nonlinear interaction between ultrashort pulses is inherent to nonlinear generation processes. It can also be used for all-optical control of spectral, temporal, and spatial properties of ultrashort pulses. This paper reviews the main discoveries that were reported by Alfano and al. The aim of this study is to use the Resonance Raman RR and fluorescence spectroscopic technique for tumor margin detection with high accuracy based on native molecular fingerprints of breast and gastrointestinal GI tissues.

This tumor margins detection method utilizes advantages of RR spectroscopic technique in situ and in real-time to diagnose tumor changes providing powerful tools for clinical guiding intraoperative margin assessments and postoperative treatments. The tumor margin detection procedures by RR spectroscopy were taken by scanning lesion from center or around tumor region in ex-vivo to find the changes in cancerous tissues with the rim of normal tissues using the native molecular fingerprints.

The specimens used to analyze tumor margins include breast and GI carcinoma and normal tissues. The sharp margin of the tumor was found by the changes of RR spectral peaks within 2 mm distance. The result was verified using fluorescence spectra with nm, nm and nm excitation, in a typical specimen of gastric cancerous tissue within a positive margin in comparison with normal gastric tissues.

This study demonstrates the potential of RR and fluorescence spectroscopy as new approaches with labeling free to determine the intraoperative margin assessment.

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This study shows tryptophan as the key native marker in cells to determine the level of aggressive cancer in breast cell lines using native fluorescence spectroscopy. An algorithm based on the ratio of tryptophan fluorescence intensity at nm to intensity at nm is associated with aggressiveness of the cancer cells. The higher the ratio is, the more aggressive the tumor towards metastasis. CIN is the potentially premalignant and abnormal squamous cells on surface of cervix.

In this study, the spatial frequency spectra of pre-cancer cervical tissues are used to detect differences among different grades of human cervical tissues. It is observed that higher frequency components exist in CIN tissues than those in normal tissue, as well as those in higher grade CIN tissue than those in lower grade CIN tissue. The width of the spatial frequency of different types of tissues is used to create a criterion for CIN grading by training a support vector machine SVM classifier.

The results show that the randomness of tissue structures from normal to different stages of precancer in cervical tissue can be recognized by fingerprints of the spatial frequency. The efficacy of spatial frequency analysis for CIN grading is evaluated as excellent since high AUC area under the ROC curve , sensitivity and specificity are obtained by the statistics study.

This works lays the foundation of using spatial frequency spectra for a histology evaluation.